We invite you to discover Ganja – the motherland of the great poet of Azerbaijan – Nizami Ganjavi and also visit the pearl of mount Kapaz – Goygol lake that was newly opened for tourists in recent time. 
Ethnographic Open-Air Museum "Gala" is about a 40-minute drive from Baku. The museum is created on an archaeological site. 
On this tour, discover Baku’s history and heritage; admire landmarks including the Flame Towers, Shirvanshahlar Palace, and Maiden Tower; take in the views from Upside hill; and sample typical Azerbaijan cuisine.
This trip will open up a wonderful world of Caucasus crafts – glimpses of silk’s colors, tinkling of brass dishes and gold jewelry, majestic beauty of Azerbaijani carpets. 
In this tour we invite you to become familiar with Guba - the land of apple flavor.
Immerse yourself in the history and future of Baku on this 5-hour city sightseeing tour.