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The main aim of the Baku Guided City Tour is to show you all the important and dazzling sites and buildings of Baku and to create a nice luxury image of the city in your minds. The tour will be very helpful for you to plan your stay in Baku more effectively.

Tour Overview

Tour Highlights

Tour Highlights

Highland Park – The first destination of the tour will be the Highland Park which is the highest spot of the Baku. From the park, you will see the panorama of the city which you will be able to see major buildings like, Flame Towers, Parliament Building, State Tv Channel Building and Broadcast Tower, Martyrs’ Lane, Chrystal Hall, National Flag Square and many more… Baku Seaside Park ( Boulevard) – is a 34673 m² park located in the alongside the shore of the Caspian Sea which is the second largest in Europe after the park located in the Paris alongside Seine River. The park area is very popular among tourists as well as locals of Baku to walk and enjoy the beauties of the city and sea. The history of the place started in1909 when the Oil Barons of Baku started to build their expensive mansions on the shores of the sea. In the Boulevard you will see also, National Carpet Museum which built in 2014 by Haidar Aliyev Foundation and design of the building looks like a rolled carpet. The Mugham Centre of Baku also located on Baku Boulevard. The place has a unique design and operates as a concert hall for the most fascinating and unique music of the country, Mugham.
Old City

Old City

Old City – The Walled City of Shirvanshahs’ dates back to 12 th century Baku and since the 15 th century was the capital of the country. You will have a walking tour in the inside of the Old City and will get a deep understanding of the history of Baku which was located in the center of the Silk Road and was one of the richest cities in the East. The most interesting part of this Old City walking tour is that you will be able to see buildings from different ages and times and compare their architectural designs. Inside of walled city, you will find Chain, Sailor and Cat houses with the very interesting historical background. After few meters, you will discover ancient Hilton and Marriott hotels of Old Baku from 14th (Multani Caravanserai) and 15th (Bukhara Caravanserai) centuries. Maiden Tower – Located in Old City, Maiden Tower is basically the symbol of Baku. Built in the 12 th century for defense purposes. With 5 meters width of the walls, Maiden Tower was impossible to capture. Miniature Book Museum – Icherisheher (Old City) is also home to the biggest miniature book museum of the world. There you will be fascinated by 3750 mini books that were published in 73 different countries as well as the book that is 0,75mm and only can be red by microscope. Shirvanshahs Palace Complex – This complex includes, Palace- The Residential Building of Shah, Mosque, Hamam, Divan, Tomb of Shirvanshahs, Tomb of Seyid Yahya Bakuvi, Eastern Gate. Inside of Palace you will travel to the 15 th century of Baku and learn about the culture and traditions of the people from Middle Ages.
Haydar Aliyev Cultural Center

Haydar Aliyev Cultural Center

Haydar Aliyev Cultural Center – The last destination of the tour will be the spectacular work of Zaha Hadid that is built in 2012 and covers 57,500 m2 area. Some facts about the building: • Recorded Cost of the Centre is 250mln $. • Architects did 2.5 years research in order to just find out how to build it. • The material that was used to make outside of the center invented by the architects because there was no known material in order to make such curved building.
Baku Crystal Hall

Baku Crystal Hall

Is a multipurpose sports and concert arena. The arena is designed to hold the large-scale concerts and either team or individual sporting events. Baku Crystal Hall was constructed on the territory of Baku’s National Flag Cluster specifically to host Eurovision Song Contest 2012. The construction has been completed on 16th of April 2012. Officially the arena was announced open on 7th of May and on 22-26th of May it held its first major event, Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Semi-Final and Final competitions. The facade of Crystal Hall is equipped by the numerous modern dynamic LED lights which allow creating various unique lighting effects.
Mini Venice

Mini Venice

Was launched in 1960. Although it is small, it has its own beauty. You can ride boats around the town surrounded with artificial rivers and waterfalls. It has always been in the spotlight of this small-town's citizens and visitors .

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