Snoozing amid green pillows of beautifully forested mountains, Şəki (Sheki) is Azerbai¬jan’s loveliest town, dappled with tiled-roof old houses and topped off with a glittering little khan’s palace.
Oguz district is located in a picturesque and landscape corner of Azerbaijan Republic. The territory of Oguz is 1077 km2, its population is 40845 people.
Here are many healing areas in Guba: Balbulaq, Qizbanbovsha, Tangaaltı ravine with 400-600 meters depth, Geshresh, magnificent waterfall with height of 75-80 meter near the Afurdzhi of the river, etc.
Take road to Ismayilli. One of the most beautiful corners of Azerbaijan at the foot of the Great Caucasus Mountains - the land of rivers, lakes and waterfalls.

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Gabala is the beautiful part of Azerbaijan with a rich and ancient history. Due to its good location (220 km from Baku) and rich infrastructure, the Gabala region is one of the favorite tourist destinations.

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The main aim of the Baku Guided City Tour is to show you all the important and dazzling sites and buildings of Baku and to create a nice luxury image of the city in your minds. The tour will be very helpful for you to plan your stay in Baku more effectively.
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