Family Holiday

Going on vacation with children is very responsible and takes great effort, because little travelers get easily bored while traveling and look for some entertainment. However, it is quite a good factor that Azerbaijani people is very hospitable and family values is above of all. Therefore, special attention takes family places both in Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan.



ADDRESS:Nobel avenue 15



Planetarium (Park Bulvar Mall)

ADDRESS: 1 Neftchilar avenue, “Park Bulvar” Shopping Center, 4th floor



Happyland (Park Bulvar Mall)

ADDRESS: Neftchilar avenue, ”Park Bulvar”, 3rd floor



Wonderland (Ganjlik Mall)

ADDRESS: Ganjlik Mall



Waterpark in Bilgah Beach Hotel

ADDRESS: 94 Gelebe street, Bilgah settlement, Baku